NAAC Accreditation

Dr. Mathan Mohan

Dr. Mathan Mohan

Karpaga Vinayaga Institute of Dental Sciences, Chennai, prides itself on achieving NAAC accreditation (‘A’ grade) under the able leadership of Dr Mathan Mohan. Professor Mathan Mohan has implemented various innovative teaching-learning approaches for better student learning outcomes.

What is NAAC Accreditation?

NAAC certification is a way of evaluating and then guaranteeing a high standard of education provided across the nation. According to a decree from the University Grant Commission (UGC), all universities and faculty must be accredited by the NAAC (National Assessment and Accreditation Council).

Accreditation by NAAC aims to improve the quality of education.

In contrast to the traditional educational system, NAAC aims to improve the overall development of students by providing them with skills & knowledge.

NAAC-accredited colleges and universities offer “Quality Education” to students. In order to maximize student learning outcomes, institutions must achieve NAAC accreditation.


Role of NAAC Accreditation in Higher Education

A nation’s development depends largely on education. Consequently, the university must have a standard for excellence and relevance of its programs.

Quality improvement comes with a predefined set of measures, as it does in every field of business. To comply with the international standards, colleges must find and recognize additional requirements.

Through NAAC Accreditation, institutions can develop in areas such as research, innovation, student success, governance and more.


The importance of NAAC accreditation for students and higher education institutions

The NAAC accreditation gives students confidence that they are choosing a quality institution that is recognized for its education, research, faculty, infrastructure, etc. Having NAAC accreditation gives an institute instant credibility and increases its admissions.