Orthognathic Surgeries (Cosmetic Jaw Surgery)


Orthognathic procedures are used to correct jaw deformity which means the conditions affecting the jaw and face related to structural defects, growth and dysgenesis, sleep apnea. It may also refer to the malocclusion problems or orthodontic problems that cannot be treated only with braces. They may include problems with bite fit and jaw joint pain and also relapse of the jaw to the original position. Jaw discrepancies may affect not only your facial appearance but also your bite, speech and chewing. Orthodontic problems such as excessive show of gums (i.e. Gummy smiles), protruded or retruded chin or overall elongation of face. They may be inherited or acquired from developmental or traumatic causes such as facial asymmetry, post-traumatic facial injury or other major craniofacial anomalies.

Corrective Jaw surgery will definitely helps in the reduction of chronic headaches and also brings back the overall facial appearance. Balanced appearance of your lower face and a vast improvement in the function of your teeth can be easily achieved. Improvements in breathing, chewing and swallowing and also all the impairments of speech can be executed by a well-trained, experienced surgeon. All the TMJ disorders, malocclusion problems owing to skeletal disharmony, or other orthodontic problems can be cured easily.