Neck Tumours


Neck tumours either arises as independent tumours of neck or extension tumours from head & neck region or sometimes spread (metastasis) of tumour from the regional distant sites.

The exclusively neck tumours includes: Congenital/Developmental: Thyroglossal cyst , Cystic hygromas (lymphangiomas), Vascular malformation.Neoplastic (Benign): Neurovascular – nerve schwannoma, neurofibroma – vascular malformation .

Malignant( Lymphadenopathy) – Lymphomas (Hodgkins & Non-Hodgkins).

Tumours extend from head and neck region into neck includes: Salivary gland tumours, larynx, oral cavity to neck, large thyroid and parathyroid tumours.

Symptoms of Neck Tumours:

Lymph node enlargement,sore throat, difficulty in swallowing,pain in ear,difficulty in breathing,hoarse voice. Sometimes people with neck lumps that are caused by cancer have skin changes around the area and have blood or phlegm in their saliva.

The challenge and skills of managing all these neck tumours lies in their diagnosis of the area from which cell type it arises. Most of the tumours are surgically treated. Rarely requires adjuvant treatment as well.The two most important investigations prior to final daignosis that should be done for all neck tumours are a neck CT scan and a fine needle aspiration biopsy (FNAB) with further additional specific investigation according to the diagnosis protocol.

Neck Tumours