Our Team

Currently, he is the Dean of Karpaga Vinayaga Institute of Dental and Medical Sciences. Dr. Mathan Mohan is a Oral & Maxillofacial Surgeon, Head and Neck Surgical Oncologist. Read More

Our plastic surgeon specializes in repairing complex and large wounds that result from trauma or cancer surgery. This includes reconstruction of the head and neck cancer ablations. Read More

Dr.Balaguhan completed his formal training as a cranio–maxillofacial surgeon at Narayana Hrudalaya, Bangalore and is associated with Dr.Mathan Mohan since 18 years. Read More

Dr.Govindaraj is associated with Dr.Mathan in all Head and Neck and ENT procedures. Specialising in diseases of the ears, nose and throat, he is proficient at all minimally invasive otological procedures. Read More

He is a renowned orthodontics, with the area of interest in surgical orthodontics . He has in excellent practice across tamilnadu and he is known for is evidence based scientific perfection. Read More

Dr. Deepak is associated with Dr. Mathan for past 5 years with special interest in Maxillofacial trauma and specialised in managing TMJ abnormalities from replacement surgeries to advanced arthroscopy procedure. Read More