A Case of Primary Osteosarcoma

A Case of Primary Osteosarcoma

A Case of Primary Osteosarcoma

Although, there is a slight male predominance with the occurrence primary osteosarcoma, this is a case of a 6-year-old girl patient.


Osteosarcomas are malignant bone forming tumours and they can be classified into primary and secondary forms. The exact cause of Osteosarcoma is unknown. However, primary osteosarcoma typically occurs in young patients (10-20 years) due to the fact that the growth centers of the bone are more active during puberty and adolescence.

Osteosarcoma spreads microscopically through the mandibular canal which may facilitate the spread into the adjacent soft tissues.


This is a case of a 6-year-old girl patient.

Clinical presentation

The patient presented with swelling over the left side of jaw. As the swelling did not subside over 6 months, she was referred to Dr. Mathan Mohan. Routine clinical, radiological examination detected a soft-tissue mass. The mass was mildly tender but without any signs of active bleeding. Biopsy revealed OSTEOSARCOMA of the mandible.

Treatment and prognosis

After the confirmation of the diagnosis, Dr. Mathan nominated the patient for Hemimandibulectomy and Selective Neck Dissection, a procedure designed to remove lymph nodes which are at risk of metastasis.



Hemimandibulectomy is a complex operation, performed on malignant growths involving either the alveolar ridge and the mandible, or adjacent structures. It is usually approached transcervically, with incisions to the face and neck to gain adequate exposure and access to the mass. The procedure involves the resection of a substantial segment of the mandible which usually requires a reconstructive procedure to maintain the function of the jaw.


Dr. Mathan ensured the complete removal of the tumour with appropriate margins. After performing hemimandibulectomy of the affected side, the patient was supported by chemotherapy to improve the prognosis. The patient is still on regular review at the hospital and so far she responded well to the treatment.

Dr. Deepak Velu

Dr. Deepak is associated with Dr. Mathan for past 5 years with special interest in Maxillofacial trauma and specialised in managing TMJ abnormalities from replacement surgeries to advanced arthroscopy procedure. His care toward the patient's welfare is audible.